• Shipping policies

    Shipping rates to (America, Europe, Africa and Oceania) is:

    20 USD (1-4 Hats)

    40 USD (5-8 Hats)

    60 USD (9-12 Hats)

    For Asia countries apply a different rate.

    50 USD (1-4 Hats)

    70 USD (5-8 Hats)

    90 USD (9-12 Hats)

  • Customers can select the courier of their preference




  • Time

    Estimate time to prepare an order is from 1-2 weeks approximately, this depends on the availability of the selected product.

    Standard delivery time is 5 to 10 business days


  • Custom duties and taxes

    Import fees, or additional charges for customs clearance are assumed by the customer, Ecua-Andino has no control over custom policies.

    Shipping rate charged is only for the delivery service.