1. The legendary Toquilla palm plantation (Carludovica Palmata).

  2.  Step 1, cut a stalk of the Toquilla Palm. Only young shoots are used with leaves that have not opened yet.

  3. The stalk is opened showing out the inner fibers used for the straw at the origin of the hat.

  4. They are then split up using a special tool with a metal needle.

  5. Artisans collect a group of Toquilla known as “Cogollos” tied into bundles of 8 (called an Ocho) to get boiled.

  6. They boil the Toquilla in a large cauldron of hot water for about 20 min which needs to be stirred during the whole process.

  7. Once the Cogollos are cooked, the artisans take them out of the cauldron. The Artisians hang them on strings to get them dry with the sun. They stay for various hours from which depends the quality of the straw.

  8. Then, the Artisans select the finest fibers of the Toquilla straw to create the hats.

  9. The weaving of the Toquilla straw hat begins with two straws making a circular “button” at the center of the crown.

  10. The Artisans can take between 1week to 6 months to make a hat depending on its quality and the thinness of the straw. Only in the first hours of the day and the lasts of the afternoon can they sew the hat for the perfect combination between the light and the freshness of the day.

  11. After the hat is weaved, the craftsmen tie the end of the brim and gently hammer the hat to get the weave even.

  12. The hat is then pressed with an iron from the crown to the brim.

  13. Finally the artisans cut the uneven borders of the hat to avoid the brim to fall apart.