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Luxury brand with handmade products since 1983. Ecua-Andino is the reference number 1 in the Panama hat industry with more than 2800 international distributors.

The Ecua-Andino team has participated in top international fashion fairs, and is the first brand to combine the expertise of Ecuadorian artisans with exclusive designers creating a wide range of models around the world.

If you want to be a distributor contact us at the following email: info@ecua-andino.com



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The Secret Story of Ecua-Andino

Silvana Teangas

Enthuasistic mom with a special humor. Her laugh therapy starts at 4pm and ends at 4:30 pm, she is a bit mood-changing for her coworkers, but to any client she can give the best support!.


Julia Alicia Mero 

The youngest member of the Export Deparment with a great capacity to resolve any problems, a quality much appreciated by her coworkers. There is no lack of experience for this girl, she is a reference of the woman power!.



Ana Arias

Ecuadorian´s food lover with an engineering in International Business. Her academic experience gives her the capability to find a quick solution and commercial alternatives that benefit both parts.


Sheyla Naranjo 

Sheyla is the one in charge of controlling the operations of the Export department of Ecua-Andino Hats. Her special attention to each order, don´t let her to lose any request. If everyone else doesn´t give you a proper answer, she is the wildcard  you have in your hand!.


Edgar Sánchez 

Ecua-Andino´s CEO,  numbers and global economic sector are the leitmotiv of his life.  His phrase “the numbers don´t lie” is applied in every Ecua-Andino´s department. He will definitely give you the accurate advice to start businesses with us.



Alejandro Lecaro

Ecua-Andino´s CEO.  Creative mind behind the design of the entire hats. 24 hours hat´s  thinker,  he is always ready to give you the precise answer. Personal tastes: German Shepherd´s lover, countercurrent swimmer like the Salmon and Muhamad Ali ´s worshipper.


Alejandra Lecaro

Ecuadorian Globetrotter with a Bachelor degree in Tourism and a Master degree in Fashion Management Brand.  As she lived for more than one year and a half in France, and also studied at the German School, she has the capability of communicating perfectly with you in three languages.


Miguel Cevallos 

Ecuadorian´s multi-faceted, with a Phd in Oral surgery , implantology, paradontology. Yuco´s dog owner. Miguel has persistent courage for any venture where he gets into. He has been living for more than a decade in Czech Republic, so he knows how to perfectly communicate with you in three languages.